About us

MobilOpen is the born of the successful collaboration of Shaun Zelber, Vianney Settini and Guillaume Alabert, all specialist in the Mobile Internet sector. This is the version 2 of our blog and site with many new features such as a directory of mobile companies, categorized articles, Twitter channel, blog roll…

MobilOpen Management

MobilOpen Management

Vianney successfully set up a mobile association of off deck mobile sites and webmasters in France in 2003 which had for mission to exchange information, to reference independent mobile players and to influence MNOs and MVNOs. This has been successfully done in France on several occasions.

Shaun then decided to launch a LinkedIn Group around MobilOpen and this really took off in 2007 during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Today the LinkedIn Group represents close on 4000 high level executives and entrepreneurs in the Mobile sector.

Guillaume on his spare time was referencing the many companies in the sector. We realized that this was precious information that entrepreneurs the world over actually needed. In MobilOpen’s new version the core of the site is a directory that can be updated by companies themselves.

MobilOpen will endeavor to post pertinent articles, news and musings that have real value to you Mobile Business People. If you feel like you would like to contribute on a regular basis or just an article please feel free to contact us contact (at) mobilopen (dot) org.

MobilOpen’s LinkedIn Group is open to all mobile entrepreneurs, wapmasters and companies who operate from near or far around the mobile space. So please join MobileOpen too if you want to network, ask questions or offer services.